Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We survived!

Although very small, we've had quite a few accomplishments this week! I know, it's only Tuesday, but so far so good!
I managed both kids "by myself" on outings. We went to Luke's softball game last night, and my best friend and I took the kids to dinner tonight. They were great! I have to admit, with my two and half year old's strong will, you can NEVER tell how an outing is going to go. But I was pleasantly surprised. Not without a little help from the Fisher Price IXL. If you have younger children, you must get one!

I've also made it one month with exclusively breastfeeding Mason. No supplementing with formula. I was unable to do that with Breleigh (her choice, not mine), so the fact that things are going well now makes me really happy! I won't say it's been easy, because it's one of the most difficult things I've ever done. But the result is worth any reservations I've had about it. Hopefully he starts to gain weight a little more!
I went back to work yesterday. It seemed as though I never left, and the only thing I forgot was my password for the computer.

As for the rest of the week, I intend on finishing up my garage! Every craft and sewing item I have is sitting there in major disarray, and I'm hoping to have it all organized so the kids and I can enjoy the garage and front yard this spring and summer. They can play, and I can get some much needed sewing done! Since none of these accomplishments can be accompanied by a picture, here are my little beauties :)


  1. How precious! You have beautiful babies! Happy New Year to you and family. Many blessings, Marla

  2. I might be a little favorable to those kids,,being their grandma and all..but gosh they are just so cute....
    And you too honey...I have a beautiful daughter that produces (with Lukes help) 2 beautiful children.. God Bless

  3. Hi Amanda,

    I'm loving you post, especially since I have a 25 year old daughter who is expecting her second child in March and has my precious 20 month old grandson, Jackson. By the way, I'm gonna have to invest in this Fisher Price IXL for them. Smart tip, thanks for sharing! Your Babies are absolutely beautiful, just wanna scoop 'em up and kiss 'em!